Free Stays for Healthcare Heroes

Two, free, 3-night stays . . . AND

Two 7-night stays with 50% discount

We are proud to have joined the #MyTravelPledge Campaign started by Ian and Andrew of Casa Higueras

Having had over 40 nominations we decided to not only offer 2, free, 3-night stays – we added 2, 7-night stays with 50% discount at Piso Pomsol for healthcare workers once the current coronavirus crisis has subsided.
They and their families, more than anyone right now, need something to look forward to for when things quieten down.

Our #MyTravelPledge Offer

Our Free Offer has now closed, and the draw has been made. The lucky recipients are:-

3-night Free

Tara Dilworth
Kelly Cook

7-night with 50% Discount

Joanne Cope
Mark Teehan (DECLINED)
Charlotte Waldron – added as a replacement


Even though the free offer is now closed, if you would still like to visit our apartment, then we are offering a 25% discount off our normal prices for all regular bookings of 7 nights or more. Additionally we are offering 10% discount off shorter stays.
Bookings must be made by 31st December 2020 – Holidays must be taken before 31st December 2021.
Have a look at our Offers Page and we will send you a one-off voucher code to obtain a 25% discount.

Email us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want any further information about our Discounts.
You can find out more about MyTravelPledge on their website – and see other properties also offering free breaks.
However – if you go to the MYT website, please choose which property you wish to be considered for (not several) as we are trying to ensure as many people as possible get a break.

Last Updated : 01/06/2020